Understanding the business of food through summer camp

"Chez innovation was a wonderful experience. As I arrived at the camp, I didn’t know many people, but as time went on I bonded with each and every one of the people at this camp. I still keep in touch with some of the people that I met. The camp started with some ice breaking activities. We went down to the park and played games where we really get to know each other. Each day after that we would take a trip to a site where we would learn about the food industry. We visited a meat production plant, a farm, Federal Hill, and also the house of someone who sells clams...."


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15 kids.

8 days.

1 great question.



All accepted campers

receive a full scholarship

How can we embolden a generation of entrepreneurs to invigorate Rhode Island’s economy by leveraging the unique strengths of the Ocean State? 

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